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Career Counseling
By Phone and Online

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Frustrated by your job search? Despite layoffs in the news, you know it's a hot job market out there, so why is it taking you so long to find the right opportunity?

Maybe no one has ever shown you how to take advantage of proven Internet job searching methods to quickly zero in on the right opportunities for you, especially in the hidden job market!

And what about your resume? Is it being seen in all the right places that recruiters search? More importantly, is it formatted as an e-resume? Most companies immediately transfer resumes into databases that are searched by keywords, etc.--no one touches a paper version until you're called in for an interview. Learn how to make your resume pop up as a result on all relevant candidate searches!

The best news--most of our clients only need an hour of counseling, usually done over-the-phone and/or by email and the Web. That's only $75 to turn your job search, your career...your life...around.

Here's what some of the many job-seekers advised by Recruiting-Online.com say:

"Thanks for the terrific tips! What an amazing list you have compiled. I can't tell you how much we really appreciate your help. It seems like he has been looking for a job for months (really just 2 weeks) and everything he does to get his resume out there is so cumbersome that when we really stop and think, he really hasn't applied to many places. This will really help get him going and it is something that I can help him do (finally!!). Thanks again, we both really appreciate it."

-- Teresa W., spouse of job-seeker

"[You] shared a list of recruiters with me...I [wanted to] contact you with thanks and I will be sure to mention you in my communications with these individuals. It will also be my pleasure to pass any feedback on to you about these communications."

-- George A., laid-off salesperson

"Thanks again for the good information."

-- Tim G., laid-off newspaper company executive

How does this work?
  • Telephone session: You will be contacted to set up a mutually-convenient time for your initial phone consultation. You receive two separate 30-minute phone sessions per hour purchased. You may instead choose one 60-minute session, but this is only recommended if you have a cable modem or a second phone line so that the consulting can be done simultaneously with going online.
  • In-person session: Our consultant comes to you for a single, one-hour session (available at mutually-convenient times in Rhode Island, Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire only).
  • Free Bonus: With either consulting session format, we provide answers to up to three (3) emailed questions submitted over the 30 days immediately following your first consultation session.

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other payment methodsUse your MasterCard or Visa (left), or check or money order (right). Our office will then call or email you to learn more about your situation and schedule a mutually convenient time for a consultation. If you have any questions, contact us at no obligation (via phone or email in left-hand column).
Why do we do it this way?
Other career advisors listen to you for five minutes, then spend the rest of the hour giving you suggestions, and if you need more help, that's more money. We're different. You get the opportunity to try various recommendations we make in your session, then you can return any time in the next 30 days with follow-up questions. Based on your initial results, we can determine how to modify our earlier recommendations, and suggest additional fruitful avenues to pursue.

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