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Live Seminar / Typical Course Outline

NOTE: All full-day live seminar attendees get unlimited access to our online course resources after the training, which is like going through the entire seminar--and more--at your own pace. It's over 200 web pages of content, mostly presented in step-by-step format. If you are curious to learn what's included online, see our table of contents. (Please note online course access can be purchased inexpensively on its own, without attending a training.)

From past experience, we feel the range of topics covered demand a 7- to 8-hour seminar to ensure there's adequate hands-on and Q&A time. However, modules can be customized, eliminated or presented to only certain groups (recommendations noted below). The start times are merely suggestions.
  • 8:30a-9:50a: online recruiting strategies; obtaining targeted information for competitive intelligence; creating a recruiting e-newsletter and/or blog; using autoresponders better; online job posting strategies.
  • 9:50a-10:00a: refreshments break
  • 10:00a-11:00a: using newsgroups, listservs and user groups; targeted email address datamining; advanced Boolean searching on newsgroups for contacts and resume mining (including from your competitors)
  • 11:00a-11:10a: refreshments break
  • 11:10a-12:00p: advanced searching on web pages (using Google and other major search engines, blog search and other specialized search tools), including site Flipping, X-Raying, peeling back URLs, etc.
  • 12:00p-12:30p: lunch break
  • 12:30p-1:00p: how to make your web site more effective as a recruiting tool (usually done with just the company web site development / maintenance team over lunch; optional for other recruiters to attend this module)
  • 1:00p-2:00p: advanced searching on web pages (continued), including applied candidate mining via: online social networking portals (advanced methods on LinkedIn.com, etc.), professional associations, certifications, trade magazines, speakers/panelists at conferences, college alumni, etc.
  • 2:00p-2:10p: refreshments break
  • 2:10p-2:45p: identifying and evaluating relevant free and fee-based niche web sites; tapping virtual communities and web rings.
  • 2:45p-3:15p: Spiders, broadcast job posting and multi-database resume search tools. Hands-on demonstration of free trials of selected software tools to automate certain portions of the online recruiting process.
  • 3:15p-3:25p: refreshments break
  • 3:25p-4:00p: Specific tips for increasing online recruiting productivity, including bookmarklets, targeted/personalized email campaign tools, and discussion of selected Tools of the Trade items from course Appendix.
  • 4:00p-4:30p: Review of optional follow-up AORT Internet recruiting certification tasks; further review of topics people want more coverage on, or that the seminar instructor perceives as deserving more practice time; time for additional Q&A; attendees complete seminar evaluation form.

For on-site custom seminars, whether you choose to include all modules or eliminate some in order to shorten the overall seminar length, the cost is the same.

Click the links below to learn more:
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- On-site custom seminar main page
- Custom on-site training overview one sheet (in PDF format)
- us for questions or references.

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