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This is an abbreviated version of the corresponding content from our popular Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques course, explaining methods and resources applicable to recruiting in any industry, function, geography or level. Learn more about or register for our live seminar or online course! Or return to free sample content.
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For active candidates, start with the job sites immediately below. To create a buzz or tap the virtual communities, try the college portals further down the page.

College/Entry-level job sites

  • BestJobsUSA - Affiliated with USA Today and several industry niche publications, their education center's extensive 'hot spots to work' coverage, entry-level salary surveys (by degree) and links to best places to live in the US has attracted many collegians.
  • Black Collegian - Publishers of the long-standing magazine of the same name, the site lists jobs and internships. The resume database is sizable. Good content.
  • BrassRing Campus - Formerly known as ThePavement.com, it's part of the BrassRing Network, this edgy job site is clearly geared to the 18-25 demo.
  • BridgePath - Pushes job information to hundreds of thousands of college students' email addresses, but does protect user confidentiality. Headhunters pay a quarterly subscription fee for the Bridgepath Recruiters Network. Not accepting new employers until its Exchange opens later in 2000.
  • Campus Career Center - Fee for posting and resume database; 40% of positions are international.
  • Campus WorkLink:NGR - Free to post jobs and search resumes; sizable. The catch--it's geared to Canadian students.
  • Career Central - Started with an MBA focus, now strong in marketing and IT as well.
  • CareerConnections - you can post jobs and access resume datasets free at about 100 participating U.S. colleges.
  • CareerMosaic - One of the largest career hubs overall, and strong on campuses with their College Connection area. (Also check out their list of links to campus career centers.)
  • College Central Network - Focuses on Northeast US. Free to search resume database; you pay to obtain contact information. Will also push your jobs by email to candidates who match employer requirements.
  • College Grad Job Hunter - Internships and jobs geared to entry level/recent graduates. No resume database.
  • CollegeGradClassifieds - Part of the CareerEngine.com network, you can search resume database for a modest fee, but there's no contact information: you make requests through the system for candidate to respond. You can pay extra for a given number of guaranteed responses.
  • CollegeHire - Small but growing; fees for job posting and resumes.
  • College Jobs - Part of the 1-Jobs network, they offer job posting, resumes and career fairs on a fee basis.
  • College News Online - A print publication with primary distribution in the upper Midwest, you can search resumes for free.
  • College Recruiter - formerly called AdGuide.com, they relaunched in 2000 with a marketing campaign, clearly making college their niche. Pushes jobs to 20,000 entry-level jobseekers.
  • CollegeWorks - A channel within the TheWorksUSA.com network. Free demo account available.
  • CoolWorks - Focused on jobs in "cool" places. Go there and you'll see what we mean.
  • Experience.com - Expect this college recruiting site to be among the winners (if it doesn't get acquired). Strong campus marketing (partly in connection with StudentAdvantage (see below)), content and services that understand students and recruiters, and $50 million in VC investments also help.
  • FutureCollegeGrads - Internships and entry-level jobs site geared to college students.
  • Golden Parachute - Launched January 1999, a virtual community and career site for alumni from the top 100 US academic institutions. You can mentor other professionals with similar interests. Entry level is not the main focus.
  • Internships.com - Internships job site geared to college students.
  • JobTrak - The first online career service geared to collegians, they've signed up 1,000 campuses' career centers to be part of their network. You can post jobs to any or all schools on a sliding fee scale.
  • JobWeb - Run by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, this is a comprehensive content site with various tools to help you reach many schools directly through the campus career service administrators, indirectly to students.
  • Monster.com Campus - The college/entry level subsite of the #1 career hub breaks down jobs and content geared to this level.
  • USInterns - Internships job site geared to college students.

College Portals

These are the top Web sites (in terms of traffic, according to the 1998-99 StudentMonitor.com Lifestyle & Media Study national survey) specifically targeting college students:
  • AnimalHouse - launched in 1998. With nearly a million members' worldwide, animalhouse.com was recently voted one of the two "Coolest College Lifestyle Web Hubs" by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine.
  • CollegeClub - launched in 1993, claims to be the world's largest college community with over 500,000 registered users at over 3,800 colleges. Has a "suite" of free communication tools and 25,000 student-run online groups. Growing at a rate of 25 percent per month, it should be over a million by the time you read this, especially given: 1) CollegeStudent.com (see below); 2) they raised $40 million in a February 2000 mezzanine round; and 3) in April 2000, NBC acquired a minority equity stake in the company in exchange for advertising and promotions across the NBC Television Network and NBC's 13 owned and operated TV stations as well as cross-promotional and joint marketing and content distribution agreements.
  • CollegeStudent - Acquired by CollegeClub in November 1999 to help boost CollegeClub's online resources for college students' academic, commercial, and social needs. CollegeStudent.com brings more than 350,000 members of its own.
  • Greek Zone - a "supersite" geared to college fraternities and sororities.
  • JobTrak - the only career niche web site among the top 10 student-focused sites. Founded in 1987, with over 900 college career centers now affiliated. It was acquired by Monster.com in fall 2000 and incorporated into Monster's campus channel.
  • Stanley Kaplan - Kaplan is the leading college entrance test preparation service, now part of the BrassRing network.
  • Student.com - Student Net Publishing LLC was founded by six students at Yale and Columbia Universities in 1995, and hired a veteran CEO in 1999 to help this struggling venture. It has low traffic and name recognition, and keeps running through the funding they obtain. Their sister company, TVGrid.com, provides customized TV program and film listings.
  • Student Advantage, which also owns U-Wire (see below) and the college sports site FansOnly.com, offers advice, student discounts, personalized email and calendar, etc. The company also has a strong physical presence on campuses as well through their discount card, held by more than 1 million collegians, and corporate-sponsored offline promotions, which remain their primary businesses. Their stock price (NASDAQ:STAD) has languished since their IPO in early 2000.
  • Tripod - has broadened its reach beyond the student market to the entire 18-34 demographic, and is one of the largest sites on the Internet, now owned by Lycos.

Collegiate and Alumni Networking Portals

The following are online services to help students and alumni network with each other, whether for personal or professional reasons. Also see our larger list of other non-college networking portals/services.
  • Alumni.net - geared to finding people through their past school affiliations; similar to (and affiliated with) Reunion.com (see below).
  • Classmates - Arguably the biggest player in this category; networking among your high school or college classmates; has people listed for most US schools. Over 38,000 registered (paid) members, Nielsen-rated among top 35 most-visited sites with 350M page views/month, 20,000 profiles added or updated daily. Made deal in May 2004 for DirectEmployers.com to power its employment section.
  • TheFacebook - a relative newcomer to the category, it's pulling well among recent grads.
  • GradFinder claims to be the "largest worldwide free alumni directory" as a result of an acquisition by the FriendFinder network. GradFinder allows searching from elementary school through college, posting photos and organizing class reunions.
  • Reunion.com - also known as Alumni.net, same niche as Classmates (see below). Must join to access, dig down geographically then you can pick the desired school(s).

Other College Portals

The following are niche sites or online services for the college market with promise that may give the above group of sites above a run for their money:
  • AlumniPlus.com - a division of the leading cause-related Internet services company GreaterGood.com. Trying to build partnerships with the U.S. collegiate community. Provides a comprehensive suite of Internet commerce, content and communications services with a unique blend of online benefits to a broad range of collegiate communities.
  • AlumniConnections.com - Owned by Harris Online, which builds web-based communities for sale to universities.
  • Around Campus - Focusing on online college and university directory services, local advertising, and community features targeting prospective and current students, faculty, and alumni. Includes yellow pages, coupons, discounts, job seekers information, personal calendars, maps and directions, sports and entertainment promotions, chats, etc. Aroundcampus.com evolved from campusdirectory.com, developed by its sister company, College Directory Publishing, Inc. Trademarked this line: 'Aroundcampus.com is your online survival guide.'
  • CampusPipeline - Has a relationship through a partner to over 400 campuses as of Sept. 1999 to provide services over their Intranets, but not many implemented yet. Charges the college no licensing fee in exchange for running CP's sponsors' advertising on its pages. With over $25 million in venture capital, it is offering powerful functionality to students while bringing in partners to enhance content.
  • CampusTours.com - Does virtual college tours, interactive maps, college webcams, QuickTime VR tours, campus movies and pictures. Every day thousands of prospective students visit CampusTours to take virtual excursions of U.S. colleges. (Also see CollegeView.com and Embark.com.)
  • CollegeNET - Launched in 1995, the leading portal for applying to college over the Web. CollegeNET lets applicants complete, file, and pay for their admissions applications entirely through the internet without downloads. Is the official web-based admissions applications service for over 350 colleges and universities including Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Stanford Graduate School.
  • College Press Network - Launched September 1995. Comprehensive index of online student newspapers. Attempting to do what U-Wire does, but has less content.
  • CollegeView - Launched in fall 1995, the site offers the most extensive multimedia virtual tours of colleges and universities on the Web, and an extensive college information database. (Also see CampusTours.com and Embark.com.)
  • Crimson Solutions - Provides "web-based career services platforms conecting students, alumni and employers." In 1999, it merged into Experience.com (see first section), which offers complementary career content/functionality. Experience.com has a business relationship with Student Advantage (see above).
  • eCampus.com - e-commerce college bookstore (also see textbooks.com)
  • Embark.com - Formerly known as CollegeEdge.com, it offers information about colleges, careers, scholarships and financial aid, with online applications to hundreds of leading undergraduate and graduate institutions. Embark.com Store offers students everything they need for college and graduate school. Acquired by The Princeton Review. (Also see CollegeView.com and CampusTours.com.)
  • Jenzabar - seeks to establish a similar niche to Campus Pipeline (see above), has about 20 campuses wired as of end-1999.
  • MyBytes - formerly known as CollegeBytes, was launched by YouthStream Media Networks in Sept. 1999, offering students academic tools and services, depending in large part on students joining affinity "tribes" to share information. Bought SixDegrees.com in late 1999. YouthStream is a New York-based marketing company which operates a chain of campus movie theaters, with solid funding. They offer to build websites for university financial aid offices in exchange for advertising their movie theatres online. In summer 2000, they announced plans to break the company into two parts: a business-to-consumer side to be known as SixDegrees.com, and a B2B division called CommonPlaces that will provide community tools to affinity Web sites. Company appears to have folded, but worth noting for historical research reasons.
  • NACE JobWeb's searchable database of campus career center information for its 1,700+ member colleges.
  • ScholarStuff's lists of links to: U.S. colleges' homepages and U.S. graduate schools' homepages (also see Universities.com below).
  • SelectMinds - Sets up and hosts restricted-access corporate alumni networks for individual organizations you can customize with a lot of related functionality. I was impressed by CEO Ann Berkowitch's presentation at a December 2005 conference (see 12/2/05 item here).
  • StudentAuction.com - See TheDormStore.com.
  • StudentMarket.com - e-commerce focused college site. (Also see edu.com.)
  • SuperCollege.com - Founded in 1997 by Jim Good and Lisa Lee after publishing their award-winning book Get Into Any College: Secrets of Harvard Students Combining the experiences and strategies of real students with the power and reach of the Internet, SuperCollege aims to be the leading source of information on admissions and financial aid for all college-bound high school students.
  • TAPonline - student Web site of MarketSource, the main competitor of StudentAdvantage (see above) in the offline world.
  • TheDormStore.com - Integrated with sister site StudentAuction.com, this Internet platform provide students and parents with complete solutions for college living. Founded in August 1998, the company is focused on the changing needs of college students and their parents.
  • TheSync - "Video for the Net Generation", currently viewable in Real Video and Windows Media formats.
  • U-Wire Today - an online college news source that gathers stories first published in individual college newspapers to create an integrated site, owned by StudentAdvantage (see above).
  • Universities.com's searchable list of links to 7,500 colleges' homepages (also see Scholarstuff above).
  • Yahoo!/Peterson's College Search - Find any college to target by majors offered, Internet connectivity level, location and/or enrollment.

This is an abbreviated version of the corresponding content from our popular Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques course, explaining methods and resources applicable to recruiting in any industry, function, geography or level. Learn more about or register for our live seminar or online course! Or return to free sample content.

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