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This is an abbreviated version of the corresponding content from our popular Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques course, explaining methods and resources applicable to recruiting in any industry, function, geography or level. Learn more about or register for our live seminar or online course! Or return to free sample content.
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Recruiting in the U.K.

While some of the known players in the U.S. are strong abroad, some of the best resources in Britain are understandably local. Start with these, and contact us if you'd like to recommend others.

UK Internet recruiting statistics
UK Recruiting Trade Associations
The largest recruiting sites in the UK
Other major recruiting sites/entities in the UK
Some comprehensive hyperlink lists for recruiting in the UK
U.K. journals/portals covering HR and recruitment
Niche sites in the UK
UK Publications on Teleworking (telecommuting workers)

UK Internet recruiting statistics (back to top)
  • Major UK polling firm NOP World's e-Omnibus survey of UK Internet users, released Jan. 2004, ranked brand recognition levels for job boards: 1) fish4jobs 72%, 2) Monster 54%, 3) Reed 33%, 4) Workthing 30%, 5) Totaljobs.com 29%, 6) Jobserve 25%, 7) Jobsite 19% (see below for site listings). Further, when asked what online classified sites they could name, over 20% spontaneously mentioned fish4, equating to 4.6 million adults. Over 25% said that they had used fish4jobs, with almost 60% of those aware of fish4jobs stating they are likely to use it when they next look for a job, equating to over 13 million jobseekers. (Source: OnRec.com)
  • According to the UK's Online Recruitment Marketing Council, the approximate number of UK vacancies advertised online at any time during 2002 was 900,000 (vs. 420,000 in year 2000), while the percentage of UK businesses using online recruitment in some form rose to 89% in 2002 from 62% in 2000. The number of UK job-seekers using the Internet to find work is now over 3 million.
  • According to Reed Executive, the UK recruitment market is valued at over £16 billion, grows at over 12% a year and supports 10,000+ different recruitment companies (AllJobsUK pegs this last figure at 15,000+). Reed offers many other useful free UK employment reports here.
  • National Online Recruitment Audience Survey (NORAS) marks the first time major players in an online sector in the UK have cooperated to provide standardized information to advertisers and clients. The results of this periodic, comprehensive online recruitment research draw on questionnaires completed by over 20,000 internet users. NORAS provides audited audience data and a demographic profile of many of the UKs leading online recruitment sites (all of which are linked below). The latest NORAS results, in addition to all historical data, can be downloaded, including access to the basic version of NORAS interactive, an online tool that allows recruiters to easily compare the audiences of job boards in order to choose the job board with the most relevant audience for their recruitment needs whereby you specify your target audience through a series of dropdown menus and then run a query against the research results (all free).
  • The serious players in the job board space are often those earning accreditation from the major organizations in the online recruiting, such as REC and AOLR (see below), and those in online advertising, such as NORAS (see bulleted item immediately above) and ABC Electronic, the new media arm of UK's Audit Bureau of Circulations.
  • At the end of 2000, Fletcher Research estimated the UK had 18.8 million internet users (about one-third of the population). Workthing.com estimated that nearly 40 percent of UK Internet users had gone online to look for a job. Today, its penetration rivals the U.S.
  • So it's no surprise that a recent survey by the Computer Software Services Association claims there's a shortage of 220,470 people with IT skills in the UK. (Click here for related statistics from the UK government.)

UK (and European) Recruiting Trade Associations (back to top)

  • Association of Online Recruiters (AOLR) is an association that endorses NORAS data (see above).
  • Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) was formed in the UK in 1999 for (not necessarily in this order) lobbying, conferences, training, setting business standards, knowledge sharing and networking.
  • Ecademy Resourcing is the recruiting-focused portion of a UK-based social networking portal where UK recruiters can network and trade tips
  • Federation of European Employers - Focused on all of Western Europe, FEDEE is a large trade association for employers with the kinds of resources you'd expect.
  • Internet Recruiters Network and Association (IRNA) is a UK-based trade association with great links to UK-based online recruiting conferences, training firms and other vendors.
  • Online Recruitment Marketing Council is a new UK trade association started by the editor of Online Recruiting magazine (see below)
  • On Line Recruitment Alliance - ONREA is an entity formed by leaders of the Internet employment industries in their respective countries - jobs.cz in The Czech Republic, profesia.sk in Slovakia, pracuj.pl in Poland and profession.hu in Hungary - to enable employers operating in Central Europe to seamlessly recruit employees from among all four countries. The ONREA employment search engine was launched in Sept. 2004.
  • Recruiters Network is a live, monthly networking forum open to all in the recruiting industry (recruiters, researchers, job boards, publishers, corporate recruiters and vendors) typically held in a private room at a London-area bar.
  • Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), formerly known as FRES (Federation of Recruitment and Employment Services), is the UK's leading association for recruiting industry professionals and their firms, including accredited training (recognized by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) and RES), legal advocacy, etc.

The largest recruiting sites in the UK (back to top)
* indicates largest user base of the general UK job boards

  • AllJobsUK is comprehensive for job postings and links, such as a searchable database of all(?) 15,000+ UK recruitment agencies/consultancies and a regularly-updated tally of the job posting count on each of the largest UK job boards.
  • AndersElite is the UK's largest single source of technical jobs for built environment professionals (i.e., architecture, building services, construction, consulting engineering, facilities management, health & safety, interior design, power & process, rail, social housing, surveying, telecommunications, town planning) with over 6,000 job postings, typically adding a couple of hundred new ones daily.
  • * Fish4Jobs - perhaps the best known job board in the UK (beating Monster UK in some years; according to the NOP World survey); is part of a general "Fish4" UK search portal
  • Gis-a-Job - launched in 1997 as one of the first free UK job boards, and one of the UKs top 10 online recruitment providers, covering a range of sectors but mainly focused on IT and Technology positions, was bought by HotGroup in May 2004 (see HotRecruit.co.uk below).
  • Gjobs (a/k/a iNetRecruit) was launched in April 2005 and simultaneously searches for jobs in real time (not from a saved cache) across many UK job boards and agency career sites (CityJobs, CW Jobs, ErpMate, GisaJob, JobServe, JobSite, Monster UK, Reed, TotalJobs, Web Search, Web Crawl, etc.) and does some deduplication.
  • * Guardian Jobs - the major UK newspaper company's job board has an audited audience (ABCe, May 2006) of 685,116 unique users per month
  • * JobCentrePlus is the UK government job board, currently attracting a massive 9% of all job searches in the UK with NO marketing, began providing free posting to all employers (possibly will extend to recruitment agencies) in late 2004. A bank of candidate CVs are offered for employers to sift through.
  • Jobs AC is the leading UK recruitment website in the research, scientific and academic sectors.
  • JobSearch - another biggie.
  • * JobServe - another biggie.
  • * Jobsite - Growth of this profitable pioneer in UK online recruiting accelerated with its March 2004 acquisition by the new media division of Associated Newspapers Ltd (DMGT), publishers of a major London newspaper, the Daily Mail, for 35 million. In 1995, Jobsite became the first online recruitment site serving the whole UK job market. Its other brand, GoJobsite, introduced in 2001 to facilitate the launch of a pan-European service, had been used up to Sept. 2003 for the UK site as well, but after that is exclusively for the non-UK site network. Its CityJobs site focuses its niche presence in the London financial sector, offering recruitment services to both recruitment agencies and corporations. In January 2005, it partnered with four well-known European sites -- Cadremploi (France), InfoEmpleo (Spain), Jobscout24 (Germany) and TrovoJobs (Italy) -- with a combined turnover of 13 million Euros, totalling over 2 billion monthly unique users actively using the job boards. A year previous, it partnered similarly with major US board CareerBuilder.com.
  • * Monster UK - the #1 US job board is #2 in the UK and strong overall in various European countries.
  • PeopleBank - The Employment Network was founded in Australia in 1991. It was an e-recruitment pioneer, providing an online service to employers and jobseekers long before the web was first invented. Moving to the UK in 1992, PeopleBank launched its web service in 1995 to establish itself as the UK's largest online CV database and is now a part of Workthing (see below).
  • PlanetRecruit focuses on IT, engineering and management jobs. It is one of three leading IT niche sites (along with Gisajob and Jobtrack.co.uk) owned by HotGroup plc (see HotRecruit.co.uk below).
  • * Reed is the single biggest UK job board with 130,000+ jobs listed at any given time (more than double its nearest competitor), thanks in part to being the UK's top recruitment firm (with over 34,000 recruiters).
  • TopJobs (also check out their site for Ireland)
  • * TotalJobs is a major player here.
  • WorkThing is one of the UK's largest general job boards

Other large recruiting sites/entities in the UK (back to top)

  • Britishjobs.net is the UK's only integrated network of county, town and specialist websites.
  • JobPilot - strong overall in various European countries.
  • Jobs.co.uk lists jobs from the majority of the UKs recruitment specialists on one website.
  • JobsIn.co.uk is a general portal with many niche board domains linked at bottom of the homepage
  • JobsProactive is a robust general UK job board
  • JobUniverse - strongest for IT candidates in UK/European countries.
  • StepStone (formerly known as WorkWeb) has teamed with various players in different countries (for UK, see TotalJobs.com below).
  • TipTopJob is a big UK job board for all employment sectors

Some comprehensive hyperlink lists for recruiting in the UK (back to top)

U.K. journals/portals covering HR and recruitment (back to top)

Niche sites in the UK (back to top)

  • The Chairman's Network, an exclusive pan-European network of board-level executives in high tech, hosts networking events (usually in London) with guest speakers like Iain Smith, SVP of Oracle. Contact: Paul Adams.
  • BFI is a large UK conferences holder, with many events for HR professionals (click "HR Events" on their homepage)
  • CareerLink - a free CV service with hundreds of active senior-level individuals put on the Web in April 2004
  • CareersEurope has some introductory resources to finding work and living in the UK and Europe.
  • ExecutivesOnTheWeb is an executive- and management-level job board
  • Exec2Exec -a senior level board launched late 2004, focusing on jobs paying 30K+ and targeting active executives.
  • GAAPweb is a specialist job site for finance and accountancy professionals
  • GoldJobs is a job board for positions with salaries £100,000 and above
  • HotRecruit.co.uk (owned by hot group plc) solidified its position as the UKs leading online recruitment service for young people with several acquisitions in 2004: top 10 site GisAJob (see above), JobsFinancial.com, The Graduate, NetRecruit. The last is a network of niche sites for the age 18-28 demographic (with 130,000 registered users and revenues in excess of 200,000 for CY2003) including websites: justjobs4students.co.uk; justjobs4graduates.co.uk; gapyearjobs.co.uk; summerjobs4students.co.uk; adventurejobs.co.uk; holidayresortjobs.co.uk; wintersportsjobs.co.uk (also see PlanetRecruit above).
  • HotelandCaterer is a UK board for the hospitality industry
  • HRnet Web Centre - Has a UK/European focus.
  • Interactive Selection - Europe's leading executive search and recruitment specialist focused on the games and interactive entertainment industry.
  • The IT Job Board - this job board has a good marketing idea: it offers an "IT Demystified" course designed for HR Managers who deal with the IT department on recruitment and retention issues
  • Jimfinder.com is a vertical recruitment website specializing in engineering and manufacturing. The search engine allows candidates to search on specifics by function as well as job title.
  • JobJobbed is a multi-sector recruitment website covering the UK and beyond
  • LeisureJobs is geared to the leisure, hospitality and service industries
  • MoreJobz is a meta-search tool created by WebAlertz for job seekers that aggregates postings from multiple British job boards, using intelligent algorithms to recognize salary data, purge duplicates, etc. Web Alertz Ltd. was formed in 2003 as a web-based notification company. Since then it has provided high speed notification via pop-up window, email and SMS for jobs, land and share prices.
  • NIJobs - In January 2004, it became the first Northern Ireland job board independently audited by ABC Electronic: 360,000 Page Impressions resulting from 36,240 Visits to the site by jobseekers, over 1,000 job vacancies from almost 100 companies and recruitment agencies (Oct. 2003).
  • Pharmavillage.com - UK-based job board for the life science community launched Feb. 2005. Can search jobs by regions, categories, salaries and receive daily email alerts. Also implementing an online chart room that will bring Life Science professionals together globally.
  • Recruitment Careers Centre - niche job board for UK recruitment openings
  • TalentLadder is a job board geared to university student recruiting
  • TechJobScotland.com is an independent job site focusing on IT vacancies within Scotland
  • TextMeAJob takes IT job-seekers' search criteria and delivers the latest job ads (sent via SMS) directly to your mobile phone.
  • AllJobsUK categorizes job boards by industry, such as IT/Telecom, or click here for another good list

UK Publications on Teleworking (telecommuting workers) (back to top)

  • Mobile Data Association is the non-profit, global association for vendors and users of mobile data and their advisors.
  • Teleworker TCA is by the Telework, Telecottage and Telecentre Association
  • European Journal of Teleworking and Teleworker - from Addico Cornix Ltd., 70 Causewayhead, Penzance, TR18 2SR United Kingdom; Tel: 01736 332736.
  • Flexible Working - published by The Eclipse Group, 18-20 Highbury Place, London N5 1QP, United Kingdom. Tel: 020 7354 5858. A leading UK writer on telework who contributes frequently to it is Andrew Bibby.
  • All About Working From Home - from Partridge Publications, Tel: 01273 719922.

This is an abbreviated version of the corresponding content from our popular Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques course, explaining methods and resources applicable to recruiting in any industry, function, geography or level. Learn more about or register for our live seminar or online course! Or return to free sample content.

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