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Deep Web Resources for Outplaced Executives (and other serious researchers)


  • JOBS-WISE: Use related keywords on one of the job board aggregators for your target companies.
  • READ BLOGS: This is also a great source of people information. The (intitle:~blog OR inurl:~blog) is a powerful command to limit Google results to blog pages. Just add your keywords.
  • ASK CUSTOMERS & SUPPLIERS: Often, they have best objective information about your target company. But who are they? Such lists are rarely made public, and may not come from the company’s own SEC filings but rather from those of other public companies it deals with. You can do a full-text search of the entire EDGAR database for references to your target company via 10K Wizard or FreeEDGAR, or many companies that trumpet their dealings with large companies often link to their major customers’ sites. Do a link: search on your target company’s domain names to see what arises.
  • WHICH COMPANIES SUPPLY A PARTICULAR PRODUCT? Use Thomas Register, a guide to products manufactured in North America. Libraries carry the multi-volume directory which is more detailed than the web version.
Other interesting resources:
  • FINDING THE WEALTHY: Great list of search methods/tools used by fundraisers, investment brokers, high-end consumer products, etc., to find wealthy individuals.
  • PACKAGING SEARCH FOR YOUR CLIENTS: You could really help your clients and build your brand loyalty by building a custom search engine that only search a particular subset of sites for information. Google has made this easy and free for anyone to do. UK Recruiter's and Recruiting Blogs are just a couple of implementations in the recruiting space. For outplacement, I could see having a tool that searched a bunch of trade association websites in a particular industry as useful, or all the layoff news sites, all the job board aggregators, etc.

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