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Glenn Gutmacher's collection of recruiting bookmarklets for Firefox browser

01 Get toolbars

Google Toolbar
LinkedIn toolbars
Windows Live Toolbar
Yahoo! Toolbar

02 Understand terminology


03 Dig for related themes

Google related command to find similar sites find similar sites using and EasyUtil
Thematic search on Quintura
Thematic search on Vivisimo

04 Job search for similar at companies

Indeed jobs search bookmarklet
Jobster- Advanced Job Search
SimplyHired- Advanced Jobs Search
Zuula- customizable metasearchengine

05 Major Search Engines and resumes

Jigsaw - The Business Contact Marketplace
Find intitle inurl resumes via
Find resumes on Google- normal view
Find resumes on Google- set filter=0
he-she bios within 1 site- all major engines results via Zuula
I work presently at TITLE-CO- via Google
I worked past at TITLE-CO- via Google
Same search @ Google
Same search @ MSN-Live
Same search @ Yahoo
Same search @Exalead
Thumbshots ranking
add Search Engines to Firefox toolbar

05a Search Engine Help docs

Clusty » Help » Search Syntax
Exalead - Search Syntax help
Google Advanced Search help
Windows Live - Advanced Search Help
Windows Live Query Rules Help
Yahoo! Help - Search

06 Alerts-Feeds

Google Alerts home
RSS feed of any Yahoo search results (enter string)
RSS feed of Live equivalent of any engine- run search first

07 Build names list at a target co

Emails on webpages- mailto OR email word plus domain only
Emails on webpages- dot word plus domain only
Emails on webpages- at word plus domain only
Googled all emails by co.- ContactCapture parsable
I work(ed) for-at-with co or person name
LinkedIn search by company-all current workers
LinkedIn search for current job title, co., keywords
Newsgroup postings by author name or email
Newsgroup posts by authors at this root domain
Newsgroup posts by authors- co domain prompt
PGP key search from this site domain (partial)
Work for-at-with company at this root domain

08 LinkedIn

Advanced Search- LI
Find LI groups join URLs via Google
Find LI groups join URLs via LiveMSN
Find LI groups join URLs via Yahoo (cannot add keywords)
Google Site Hack to find LI profiles
Invite Many
LinkedIn Group Directory
LinkedIn search by person name-new window
LinkedIn search by person name-prompt
LinkedIn search for current job title, co., keywords
LinkedIn search by company-all current workers

09 Social networks-other

Facebook- Advanced Search
Facebook- Invite Friends
IceRocket MySpace search
Meetup - search meetups (groups) by keywords - click advanced search People Search
XING public profile search via Google

10 Blog searching

Blinkx - Advanced Video Search
Bloglines search
Everyzing audio-video search
Find blog posts via Google containing string
Google Blog Search bookmarklet
IceRocket blog search
IceRocket MySpace blog search
Multiblogsitesearch via
Technorati blog search
Technorati tools-widgets
Yahoo! News Blog Search

11 Lookups

200+ ways to research a company
Area Codes for a state city or reverse lookup
Argali (free download)
Canadian search
Canadian search
Distance btwn 2 US cities bookmarklet
DomainTools WhoIs on any root domain
DomainTools WhoIs on this root domain
FEC- Search by Individual Contributor
Infobel World - Telephone Directories
MSN Yellowpages 50 mile radius search for company Find Individual and Soft Money Contributors
USPS - ZIP Code Lookup By City
Wayback on any URL
Wayback on current URL
Yahoo! Shortcuts
Zipcodes in a mileage radius

12 Niche searches

Active IETF Working Groups
All Conferences - Computers
Best-players and award winners search
CompletePlanet - Discover over 70,000+ databases and specially search engines
Doctor Lists and Ratings by State
English to French, Italian & Spanish Dictionary -
ERE member directory
Hebrew Dictionary - Employment Terms

13 Other useful (free)

ALL THE BOOKMARKLETS! - bookmarklet management free tool
bookmarklets list
Bookmarklets-HTMLSource- samples and how-to samples and how-to
Checkboxes- deselect all on page
Checkboxes- select all on page
Customizing the Windows Links bar
List All Email Links as webpage
List All Web Links as webpage
List Words in Selected Text
Make TinyURL from this URL
MineZone Blog bookmarklets
Page Freshness-frames
Page Freshness-unframed - The Largest Public Records Directory
SourceCon2007 Eric Jaquith Presentation
Get Bookmark Add-ons

14 Power Tools (fee-based)

Broadlook Technologies
Copernic Agent (spider)
download trial of Anagram (from Textual)
download trial of ContactCapture
Eclipse example-IBM Researchers names list w links
infoGIST for Recruiters
Perfect Keyboard
run Broadlook Eclipse on Software Contractors' Guild
run ContactCapture at Apple Human Interface Alumni directory
run ContactCapture at BICSI member search
Send Personally from MAPILab- personalized bulk email with MS Outlook
WorldMerge (personalized mass-email)
Broadlook Diver free trial
Broadlook Technologies is the leader in the development of innovative software applications and services that empower B2B business professionals to leverage the internet for the marketing, sales, recruiting and competitive intelligence necessary to grow revenues and improve productivity.