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Can't get to New England?
Take our Self-Paced Online Course

Don't need the hassle or expense of traveling to a seminar? Can't afford to take a full day out of your schedule for training? Then do what so many others have: take the self-paced online version of our course. You'll get far more than any other sourcing trainer's full-day class, because this covers so much more material, and at a much lower price!

Everything you need is stored on our password-protected Web site, plus you get the course binder (great for note-taking). You can learn at your own pace, from your home or work computer, when you have time. The content has everything from our renowned live seminar agenda and much more. View the full table of contents. In fact, you can obtain our same AORT Internet Recruiter certification certificate upon completion.

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    Q: "I see several registration options at the links above, which should I pick?" A: It depends how long you want course access, because we charge by time:
    • 30 days is the shortest (if you spend about 5 hours/week, you should safely get through the course) for only a few hundred dollars, but
    • 90 days (just US$100 more) is our most popular option (gives people more time to practice methods against current requisitions, re-review sections they want to spend more time on, etc.), though
    • some folks pick 180 days (only $100 more than 90 days) or a whole year (just $100 above 180-day rate) in order to keep having access to the continuous course updates (obviously, new methods and tools keep popping up in the Internet recruiting world -- though we only include things we find useful to recruiting sourcers).
    There is a 20% discount on all of the above if you or your company currently belong to any of the associations listed in the pulldown menu near top right of the course registration page. International customers will still love the course, since many methods are universal (plus Shally Steckerl recently contributed a big expansion to the international search module). Select your country below for more detail about what's included in each tier; it does not obligate you to purchase anything.

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