Live Seminar / Typical Course Outline

NOTE: All full-day live seminar attendees get unlimited access to our online course resources after the training, which is like going through the entire seminar--and more--at your own pace. It's over 200 web pages of content, mostly presented in step-by-step format. If you are curious to learn what's included online, see our table of contents. (Please note online course access can be purchased inexpensively on its own, without attending a training.)

From past experience, we feel the range of topics covered demand a 7- to 8-hour seminar to ensure there's adequate hands-on and Q&A time. However, modules can be customized, eliminated or presented to only certain groups (recommendations noted below). The start times are merely suggestions.

For on-site custom seminars, whether you choose to include all modules or eliminate some in order to shorten the overall seminar length, the cost is the same.

Click the links below to learn more:
- Recommended and minimum requirements to host the seminar at your offices
- On-site custom seminar main page
- Custom on-site training overview one sheet (in PDF format)
- us for questions or references.