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Loci(R) Brings Top Celebrities Online This Month for Real-Time Chats with College Students

Free opportunity for students nationwide to meet Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy; the Miller Brothers, creators of top CD-ROM game Myst and actor/director Sean Penn with The Crossing Guard writer David Rabe

BOSTON, MA, 10/10/95: One of the coolest sites on the internet's World Wide Web gets even better this month with the October appearances of top names in TV, film and multimedia. These are just a few of the open events free to college students nationwide with an online connection:

Leonard Nimoy (appearing Th. 10/19, 9pm Eastern) is best known for his portrayal of Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek TV series and in six feature films (some of which he also directed), but has also had a wide-ranging directorial career beyond "the final frontier" and wrote the new book I Am Spock.

Rand and Robyn Miller (appearing Tu. 10/24, 9:30pm Eastern) are the creators of "Myst," the first CD-ROM game to utilize the complex potential of the medium and arguably the most popular computer game ever. Their new book, Myst (Hyperion Press), explores the pre-history of the game, revealing the intriguing background leading up to the point where the CD-ROM begins.

Sean Penn and David Rabe (appearing Mo. 10/30, 10pm Eastern) are the respective director of the movie and author of the book The Crossing Guard, who collaborated on the screenplay to this engrossing film about to be released nationwide. Penn's controversial background includes a brief marriage to rock diva Madonna and stints with the law, beyond a blossoming acting/directing career.

Loci (pronounced Io-kai) at http://www.loci.com is the free Web site developed for college students by college students. Led by a team of two dozen students at Boston University, BU's College of Communication (BU-COM) and Barnes & Noble Bookstores Inc. (B&N) launched Loci last month. The comprehensive, 800-page World Wide Web site offers news from campuses across the nation and around the world; career advice; travel tips; debates; chat rooms; interactive games offering over $18,000 in cash and prizes in the fall 1995 semester alone; film and music previews and reviews; and interactive dialogues with celebrities, musicians, writers, politicians, athletes and experts.

Many major newspapers (including USA Today) have a section listing online events for their readers. Since college students are a large group of net-surfers, shouldn't yours? Loci will be happy to give you its list of events (typically 4 nights per week!) on a regular basis and contacts for other online event-holders (AOL, Prodigy, etc.) by contacting Loci at 617-353-8481 (tel) or chiefeditor@loci.corn (e-mail).

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