Site of the Week award from the National Newspaper Association
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Need help designing your site's employment classifieds section? Pointers aplenty can be found at Community Newspaper Company's (CNC) Town Online Working, which recently won the Digital Edge Award for "Best Classified Use of New Media" in a small market. Job seekers can search a meaty database of potential opportunities and take advantage of the site's "JobAgent" feature. JobAgent gives users a confidential cover as it keeps track of past searches and offers a home for correspondence with potential bosses. Employers, meanwhile, get a cyber lesson in online recruiting, participation in an HR bulletin board, information about CNC-hosted offline seminars and Town Online Working ad rate information in the "HRecruiter" area. The site's design, dubbed "somewhat busy" by Edgie judges, has since been given a clean, streamlined facelift, making Town Online Working a complete online employment package.