On-Site Group Training for Your Company or Association

If you have a group of recruiters and/or sourcers to train, a training on-site at your company is much more cost-effective, and it's customized. (It's just a flat fee of $5,000/day or $3,000 for a four-hour training*.) We tailor it for your firm based on the specific requisitions or candidate profiles that would be most applicable to your normal work. (Staffing firms -- we can even help you unearth relevant employers/hiring managers for new business.) Quick Links
- pricing
- outline of course content
- requirements to host a training
- overview sheet: justify to your boss

What companies have done this?

We have successfully run such group trainings for (partial list):

What are the benefits?

  • Your recruiters don't waste time travelling to a seminar
  • Content customized to your firm*
  • Comprehensive course binder with over 180 pages of the most-used content from the online course
  • Full access to all password-protected training links and online resources for all attendees for next 3 months, including all real-time updates online
  • Email any questions to instructor for fast, direct answers during that time
  • Optional AORT certification included at no extra charge
  • Cost-effective: Our flat fee schedule is quite reasonable, especially compared to other seminar organizations: only $5,000 for the day / $3,000 for four hours*.

Is it effective?

Don't just take our word for it:

  • "I have been meaning to send you a thank you note. We all thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your session. Finally the fever seems to be catching and they are playing with the strings. I think that [social networking] and your search strings are really going to change the way my team recruits. Thanks again and please never hesitate to let me know if there is something we can do for you." -- Susan Raffetto, Director Global Staffing, Millipore
  • "Best source of State of the Art training possible." -- A. Leo McKiernan, Sr. Recruiter
  • "Very targeted info... new info & tools to search with; refreshed my thinking strategy for searching." -- Paul Dexter, Sr. Staffing Consultant
  • "The presentation provided insight into linkages within the Internet. Good sense of humor! Would certainly recommend this." -- former Staffing Partner, Astra Zeneca
  • "Just so many specifics." -- Gerry Koss, Contract Recruiter, Air-Worldwide
Click here for more testimonials, and we can put you in touch with more companies and organizations where Glenn Gutmacher has presented Customized Group Trainings of Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques. for references.
*Price for one training location. Extra charge if more than 20 attendees. Discounts may apply (e.g., 1 month vs. standard 3 months of online access). Price also assumes: 1) minor amount of customization; 2) seminar site located in MA, NH or RI (client must reimburse for normal travel expenses elsewhere); 3) client site meets instructor's minimum requirements (if your offices lack an adequate training environment, we can help you locate a facility nearby, but client pays any associated rental fees). Full day training rate applies for trainings held outside MA, NH, RI. Prices not guaranteed for trainings booked after or which take place more than 6 months after booking date.