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Free Resources
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Resources from Glenn Gutmacher: Sourcers gaining coding expertise is an area of particular importance to Glenn, particularly given the lack of such resources available in typical HR/TA functions that could solve many technical problems and dramatically increase productivity. However, the initial hurdle to understand the technical basics prevents many sourcers from making that leap. To that end, he is contributing to the free industry body of knowledge by sharing sets of JavaScript bookmarklets geared to sourcers, a growing repository of how-to presentations and code samples that are immediately applicable to common sourcer workflows, etc. (see left-hand column). Once comfortable with these, you will be in a better position to take advantage of other available technical resources (not necessarily sourcing-related) to adapt them to your needs, and your growing skillset will allow you to become an invaluable resource for your function.

Below are some additional resource sites (not coding-related) that should particularly interest aspiring sourcers:

Some must-read blogs/websites:
  • the latest boolean search discoveries in Boolean Strings blog by Irina Shamaeva (she also offers fee-based training, but even the blog alone is great)
  • the detailed how-to posts and well-researched sourcing resource docs on Wizard Sourcer by Jonathan Kidder are continuing to be produced regularly in the 2020s (he writes many full length e-books and also has a nifty free Chrome extension called Recruiter Wand and offers fee-based training)
  • SourceCon, the entity that has been running sourcing conferences since 2007, has blog posts at least twice a week by a wide range of contributors. (SourceCon is one of 8 recruitment-related blogs recommended in this 2018 post, and I agree with these choices.)
  • the detailed how-to explanations in the blogposts by the Boolean Blackbelt, Glen Cathey
If you like Facebook, these sourcing groups are more active than LinkedIn groups from a learning perspective: Some useful free tools:
  • Free Sourcing Tools was created by Pierre Andre-Fortin and Guillaume Alexandre (the latter also launched his own comprehensive paid sourcing course in 2022)
  • Recruit'em is a free "x-ray" tool, meaning it leverages the major search engines to target results on particular websites. Recruit'em focuses on the people-rich sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Advangle is similar to Recruit'em
  • Susanna Frazier's blog has lots of useful sourcing resources
Many sourcing folks offer video tutorials (and even full length webinars). Here are some faves: More stuff that's hard to categorize:

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