What people are saying about us

Hundreds of companies have sent their recruiters who have enjoyed and learned from either the live seminar or self-paced online course. Click here for a partial client list. It's hard to pick just a few comments, but below are some testimonials about our live seminar. Or see some recent registrants' comments about our inexpensive, self-paced online course. (You can also view a printer-friendly PDF format 1-sheet of other testimonials from our flyers page.):

"I participated in your class in October 2006 . My staffing job with a large Pharma company was being outsourced. At the time I told you that I believed your class updated my skills so I could move into the recruiting job market more confidently. I start a contract assignment with a top ranked technical company tomorrow! The company needed a full life cycle recruiter including e-recruiting skills to find product managers and scientists. As my interview approached, I used the techniques you taught to research the company and their competitors. I assembled a binder with my search strings, information found, and names of contacts and potential candidates. I also presented them with the career path of one of their own current Product Managers based on her publication history and group memberships so they could verify the accuracy of my research. They offered me the assignment 20 minutes after I left the interview. They offered me the assignment because I was so thoroughly prepared and I demonstrated sufficient e-recruiting skills to indicate that I could learn what I needed to perform the job. I want to thank you again for your help!"
-- Joanne Nacucchio, Contract Recruiter, Agilent

"I have looked into many Internet recruiting seminars. This program was well worth the money!"
-- Julie Broussard, Recruiter, Unifirst Corp., Wilmington, MA

"Glenn was extremely informative, patient with all attendees... agenda [was] excellent."
-- Janet Scholz, Recruiter, Nova Biomedical

"Tremendous 'bootcamp' for people new to Internet recruiting!"
-- Carolyn Sukey, Contract Recruiter, Londonderry, NH

"Delivery and content was excellent... This seminar was very informative."
-- Kristen Moreau, Recruiter, Helix Technology

"Excellent seminar providing the latest recruiting techniques needed today to succeed in this profound job market."
-- Janet Bryson, Employment Manager, Community Newspaper Co.

"Comprehensive, well presented. Very satisfied. Thanks! Also liked the online [resources]."
-- Gary Lever, TMF

"Class content was informative and useful. Time well spent."
-- Stephanie Perocci, Recruiter, Analog Devices

"Very informative; great resource for any recruiter."
-- Pearl Freier, Contract Recruiter, Millenium Pharmaceuticals

"Exceedingly well prepared... So much info."
-- Wendy Schnegg, Wenmark

And a few more from our half-day program:

"This seminar was unbelievably useful to me. I cannot wait to get online and tap into this powerful tool."
-- Erin Macfee, KNFT, Boston, MA

"Great course!"
-- David Korbel, Software Alliance, Norton, MA

"Excellent resource for...recruitment techniques online. Excellent seminar--I'm glad I made it."
-- Laura Malinowski, J. Black Associates, Bellingham, MA

"Truly an eye-opening presentation."
-- Meryl Bell, Doxis, Inc., Norwood, MA

"All topics were worthwhile and helpful. Learning about newsgroups was valuable to me. I did not know that you could recruit through them."
-- John Zalis, Papa Gino's Restaurants, Dedham, MA

"Overall, a very worthwhile way to spend a morning."
-- Lynn Wolbarst, Forsyte Associates, Stoughton, MA

If you'd like references from more companies, click here or feel free to contact us.