Advanced Online and/or Phone Sourcing Techniques Webinar

The webinar option is great for corporate recruiting departments or staffing firms who would prefer the benefits of live group training rather than what our inexpensive self-paced Web course offers to individuals. Also great if your team is not centralized, as it eliminates travel costs!

The webinar strikes a great balance between live in-person training and pure e-learning. The instructors conduct the entire course live, and everyone sees the instructor's screen in real time over the Internet from their own computers, while they can listen and ask questions by regular telephone conference call.

For your staff's convenience, we recommend breaking out such training into 1-, 2- or 3-hour segments on different dates over a month's time! We find this format also improves concentration and retention, giving people just enough to absorb at one time, with the ability to practice and come back with questions, vs. a single full-day training which can be overwhelming.

  • Quality - Leading sourcing trainers in the industry
  • Flexible - as little as one hour of training
  • Cost-effective - you pay for what you want, but a lot of "extras" are included

    We have raves from companies of various industries and sizes for our webinars!

    "Bottom line, we really enjoyed your course and found it both refreshing and thought provoking - two strong sentiments... your course is more than a Brass Ring or AIRS type of training as you spend the necessary time educating or, in some cases, reeducating recruiters on the art of recruiting. I honestly felt as if you goal was to test the current recruiting paradigm... Keep doing what you do - you are great..."

    - Regional Recruiting Director, major U.S. public accounting firm

  • We offer a cost-effective live webinar group training format that brings companies the best of online and phone sourcing training methods -- both are essential in recruiting today -- utilizing world-class trainers with complementary areas of expertise in a flexible, inexpensive package that no one can match:

    COST & BONUSES: More than just a training
    For training dates, the cost is just US$450.00 per hour*, billed as one invoice, and ALSO includes all of the following at no extra charge for up to five attendees**:

    This format will let you really take advantage the powerful yet relatively little-known methods that top sourcers should utilize. For an exciting, cost-effective alternative to a traditional one-day live training, please contact us to discuss further to make it work for your organization!

    NOTE: The range of topics you can draw from are listed here (though new topics and tools emerge, which we may suggest to cover, as appropriate). This represents 20 hours of training, but we typically propose 3-8 hours of material. This is because we can cover the majority of the most-used, effective methods that recruiters less experienced in advanced sourcing will find eye-opening and immediately useful.

    Feel free to call or if you have some preferred booking dates in mind so we can verify availability, or if you have further questions you'd like to discuss first.

    * Minimum webinar purchase is two hours of training time, minimum duration per session is one hour. You could even reduce the overall cost by bringing in a partner or other non-competitive firm to join you in the training and splitting the training cost with them. This is completely optional, but some organizations have found this to be a worthwhile win-win.

    ** Maximum number of attendees per webinar is fifteen (15) at same hourly rate. For webinars with more than five (5) attendees, optional US$100 flat fee additional per person to receive the bonuses (i.e., course binder, 30 day unlimited login, email support and cheatsheets). If all course binders cannot be shipped in bulk to one location, then a separate shipping charge of $8.95/binder for each additional US address will be imposed.