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Glenn Gutmacher Links about Glenn Gutmacher to view or download (each will launch in a new browser tab):
  • Glenn's resume (2-page PDF)
  • Glenn has a passion for helping sourcers upskill themselves. In the 2020s, a noticeable shift to specialized talent operations skillsets provides an ideal opportunity for sourcers to grow in new directions. While the needs for creative, deep research skills and electronic + phone engagement remain, sourcers must learn talent prospect aggregator tools and Chrome extensions for "hidden" data discovery and general productivity. They're also being asked to focus more on diversity and take on increasingly technical duties. Examples include recruitment marketing CRM and growth hacking tools, competitive intelligence gathering, talent intelligence analysis, dataset visualization, custom coding for niche webscraping, tapping APIs, and NLP over the phone. It's time to introduce sourcers to JavaScript bookmarklets, Google Apps Script, and easy-to-use living tool libraries that can be integrated with the collaboration platforms that companies already use in order to make sourcers more effective. See the Free Resources page for more.
  • In 2014, he co-founded and still runs the non-profit Boston Area Talent Sourcing Association (BATSA) which holds ongoing free learning events for sourcers, recruiters and recruitment marketers featuring best practice presentations from top practitioners and consultants in the area (but all content is objectively useful, no vendor pitches) and peer networking, consistently attracting over 100 attendees per physical event. On hiatus during COVID but encourage your team members to leverage content from our past expertise-building learning events. It's all free.
  • In 2020, he did something similar to launch the DEI Cohort to address the growing need for centralized ongoing learning and peer discussion around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for talent acquisition professionals involved in these issues. The bi-weekly Zoom webinars continue in with over 100 companies represented. Again, it's all free.
  • PDF version of Glenn's Sourcing Strategies, Processes and Tools Best Practices (capabilities slide deck)
  • Glenn's SlideShare site has many presentations on talent sourcing topics (as well as some older ones for job seekers to tap the hidden job market) you can download free.
  • Glenn's LinkedIn profile with professional recommendations (Are you and your colleagues connected to me directly on LinkedIn? With 25,000+ 1st degree connections, much of my multi-million network instantly becomes part of your searchable network free! Click "Connect" at no obligation on my profile.)
  • Also find me on the other networks where I share most often (in this order): Facebook, Twitter, another Twitter (funny story why I needed this) and Quora
  • list of Glenn's recent Media Credits/Speaking Engagements
  • longer biography of Glenn Gutmacher
  • shorter biography of Glenn Gutmacher
  • View larger headshot photos of Glenn (or right-mouse click and select 'Save As' to download for publication): larger size of B&W photo at left (1.2MB jpeg) | straight ahead B&W headshot (586K jpeg) | color photo of Glenn (2.8MB jpeg)

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